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標題: 土壤先前含水量對沖蝕影響之研究
A Study of Antecedent Soil Moisture on the Effect of Erosion
作者: 王永琦
Wang, Yung-Chi
關鍵字: Antecedent soil moisture;先前土壤含水量;Runoff volume;Erosion;Runoff coefficient;逕流體積;沖蝕量;逕流係數
出版社: 水土保持學系
Yellow and red soil samples collected from the central Taiwan were used to study the different antecedent soil moisture on the effect of erosion under simulated rainfall conditions. The results of the experiments are summarized as the following:
(1)The occurrence of runoff was earlier with the increase of antecedent soil moisture, the runoff volume and erosion increased with the increase of antecedent soil moisture.
(2)The runoff volume will reach a stable value after the surface is saturated. The nonlinear regression equation between runoff coefficient (k) and precipitation druation time (t) is k = k0 + k1t-a. The equation parameters, a,k0 and k1,were determined for different antecedent soil moisture by the experimental results.

(1)土壤先前含水量越高,產生逕流的時間越早,且會增加逕流體積,同 時沖蝕量亦隨著先前含水量的提高而顯著的提高。
(2)由降雨延時和逕流體積可得知地表飽和後所收集到之逕流體積會趨於一定值。且以間隔10分鐘個別逕流體積轉換為逕流係數和降雨延時做回歸分析,則其回歸方程式以k = k0 + k1t-a(a、k0、k1均為常數,t為降雨延時)表示,並可由方程式求得各種處理之穩定逕流係數和產生地表逕流時間。
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