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標題: 以FEMLAB軟體對吸附性薄膜程序之模擬及大小排除層析之動畫設計
作者: 郭瑞欽
關鍵字: FEMLAB;吸附性薄膜;模擬
出版社: 化學工程學系
In this thesis, the first four chapters focus on developing two-dimensional mathematical models for various affinity membrane designs and using FEMLAB, a commercial software based on Finite Element Method (FEM), to solve the system of coupled nonlinear partial differential equations. The mathematical model for the plate-and-frame module includes incompressible Navier-Stokes equation describing the flow in the open channel of the module, Brinkman equation describing the flow through the porous membrane, convection and diffusion equation of the solute in the open channel, and the Langmuir model for the solute adsorption. The last chapter is the introduction about the animation software design for scienctific concepts of size- exclusion chromatography in the NSC Project in 2003, including the prologue animation, animation integration, and the design flow sheet. The web site is attached in the end of this thesis.

本研究前四章是對吸附性薄膜建立二維空間之數學模式,並以有限元素分析法Femlab商業軟體來求解所建立的多個耦合非線性偏微分方程式。其中,板框型之數學模式包含了以incompressible Navier-Stokes equation作為描述流經板框空間流體,以Brinkman equation描述流經多孔性薄膜內之流體行為,而板框空間與薄膜內溶質之質傳以convection and diffusion equation描述,加上Langmuir親和吸附反應。
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