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標題: 影響企業員工組織承諾因素之探討-統一超商店經理之案例-
Factors that influence the organization commitment of business employees:the 7-11 managers shop case
作者: 余如玉
關鍵字: 組織承諾;工作滿足;激勵制度;訓練滿意
出版社: 農業推廣教育研究所

Human resource is significant to an organization. A staff, with commitment to his company, especially, is invisible property and capital of wisdom for the organization.
While positive relationship between organization and its staff lies in the effort that company pays to help staff develop sincere participation and contribution, which, in the way, integrates personal goal into common one. Therefore staff's commitment to the organization is a very important factor in the construct of human resources.
The research addresses that whether staff's commitment to a company is influenced by satisfaction with training, stimulant system and job or not. The population of this study is 3,352 store manager. Using convenient sampling method to obtain 280 as a sample, then accept 253 valid sample after the questionnaire. Using frequency distribution, percentage, standard deviation, mean, and multiple regression analysis to analyze the data.
The result shows that a manager has not only high commitment to organization but also satisfaction with training and stimulant system. Regression analysis proves satisfaction with training and job has direct impact on managers' commitment to the organization; while satisfaction with job is directly linked to satisfaction with training and stimulant system. Hence, to enhance staff's commitment to company, satisfaction at work must be upgraded. That can be accomplished through reinforcement of training programs as well as establishment of complete communication channels and stimulant system.
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