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標題: 頭汴坑溪環境生態評估指數之研究
Evaluative Index of Environmental Ecology in Tou-Bian-Keng Stream
作者: 李明儒
Lee, Ming-Ju
關鍵字: Family-level Biotic Index;科級生物指標;Index of Biotic Integrity;Watershed;Land Use;Landscape Ecology Index;Tou-bian-ken Stream;生物整合指標;集水區;土地利用;景觀生態指數;頭汴坑溪
出版社: 水土保持學系
野溪環境生態評估為集水區整治與管理之重要工作,而選擇簡便且富公信力的指標為進行評估之重要課題。本研究以頭汴坑溪調查樣區,分別於適合地點選擇長50公尺的河段設置20個調查站,調查時間由92年7月1日至93年2月28日止,合計8個月。調查期間水質每月調查ㄧ次,每站採三個樣點進行量測,取其平均值。水生昆蟲及魚類則每季調查ㄧ次,樣品採集及品種鑑定則委託特有生物中心協助處理。景觀生態指數則以相片基本圖、AicView 3.X版與Feagstate for AicView套裝軟體進行處理而得。調查地區之土地利用則依相片基本圖及現地調查的結果,分成人工地盤、林地、水體、空地、草地、農地、高爾夫球場等7種。爲了解不同空間尺度對於調查數據的影響,以調查測站為出水口,分別依分水嶺概念劃分成子集水區、1000m×1000m、500 m×500m、200 m×200m、100m×100m及50 m×50m等6種尺度進行比較。
肆、本研究經統計分析比較,建議河溪的物化監測尺度可訂在50m×50m 至1000m×1000m之間,甚至子集水區的尺度仍算合理。若以IBI而言,則其尺度建議訂為500m×500m。

The scope involved in evaluating ecological effect is very extensive; therefore, how to choose appropriate evaluation tools is a very important issue. This study is to discuss some evaluation indices that are popular and trustworthy. Through the investigation in the field, simple and meaningful indices were established in order to be the reference for evaluating watershed.
The area of Tou-bian-ken stream watershed was been the sample area for investigation. An investigation station was established at the sections that are 50 meters in length. A total of 20 investigation stations were established. Time for investigation lasted for 8 months, starting from July 1, 2003 to February 28, 2004. In the period of investigation, hydrological quality was investigated monthly. The investigation on aquatic insects and fishes was carried out every season. The Endemic Species Research Institute helped collect the sample and authenticate the species for the study. Concerning index identification, the watershed index and landscape ecological index were adopted as the comparison and analytical variables. The environment parameters were processed by aero photograph, AicView 3.X and Feagstate for AicView. According to the result of the aero photograph and practical investigation, watershed land use was divided into 7 kinds, artificial cover, woodland, aquatic land, vacant land, grassland, farmland, and golf land. To understand the influence of different dimensions and spaces, with the inquisition points, 6 kinds of scales (with 1000 m 1000 m, 500 m 500 m, 200 m 200 m, 100 m 100 m and 50m 50m) were compared.
Through the covariance and examinations of the inquisition data, this research reaches the following conclusions:
1.The water quality of Tou-bian-ken stream is generally fit to legal standard.
2.The water quality of Tou-bian-ken stream is between excellent to good while estimating by FBI. However, the value of IBI shows a different result which reveals the water quality is between fair and very poor. The better water quality mainly lies in the upstream and the worse water quality lies in the downstream of Tou-bian-ken stream.
3.Many researches reveal land-use may affect environmental ecology, therefore the indices of landscape ecology has been selected as indicators. The research shows that the Conductivity, DO and IBI have the distinct relation with Landscape Ecology Index.
4.After the analysis of this research, it suggests that the monitor scale in physical can be made between 50m50m and 1000m1000m, and then the IBI scale can be made between 500m500m.
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