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標題: 影響農業相關學系應屆畢業生選擇農業職業意願因素之研究
The Study on the Factors Influencing the Willing of the Seniors of Agriculture-related Departments in Choosing Agriculture as Occupations
作者: 林佳蓉 論文開放日期:20040831
關鍵字: 農業相關學系;選擇農業職業
出版社: 農業推廣教育研究所

With time changing, the role that agriculture played has been changing from day to day. Agriculture played as producing in the past, but it has got three main utilities-producing, living and ecological nowadays. Therefore it is very clear that the importance of agriculture is increasing up with time. For constant development of agriculture, the high quality human resources graduating from the departments of agriculture-related in universities should be the greatest power leading Taiwan to be a more competitive country. So how to increase the willing of the senior of the departments of agriculture to join the agriculture-related occupation is what we concern.
This research will study the situation of the willing of the senior of agriculture-related departments to choose agriculture-related occupation and the factors influencing their choices. By focusing on sex, interests, satisfaction in income, social economic status, parents' agreement, work opportunities and agriculture-related work values, we try to discover which of those factors will influence the willing of the senior of the departments of agriculture to choose agriculture-related occupation and how strong they are. We hope the result of this research could be offered as a reference for the education of agriculture-related departments in universities.
In this research, we use three kinds of statistics method-descriptive statistics analysis, multiple regression analysis and path analysis to analyze the data. The result indicates that for the senior of agriculture-related departments, the willing of choosing agriculture-related work as their careers is a little bit higher than middle level. To be a professional worker in the biological science field is the most popular choice for the surveyors graduating from different agriculture-related departments. Meanwhile, both agriculture-skill operator and the related worker are the last choices for those students investigated. There is no significant difference in the willing of choosing agriculture related work as their careers among the students form different agriculture-related departments-all of them are (simply) a little bit higher than middle level. In addition, sex, interest and satisfaction in income indicate significant influence on the willing of choosing agriculture-related work, and I interest is the most important key variable.
In final, we'd like to like to offer our suggestions. We should increase the satisfaction in income from agriculture-related work and interest in it for students of agriculture-related departments. And we want to suggest teachers and career counselors in colleges encourage female students to join agriculture-related work. Therefore, we can improve the quality of human resources in agriculture for constant development of agriculture.
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