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標題: 台灣文心蘭農民創新技術採用及其影響因素之研究
A Study on the Adoption of New Technology and Factors Influencing it by Oncidium Farmer in Taiwan
作者: 林慧雯 論文開放日期:20040812
關鍵字: oncidium;文心蘭;new technology;adoption;perception;創新技術;採用;認知
出版社: 農業推廣教育研究所

New technology is the key point to raise the oncidium industry’s competitiveness in Taiwan, so that it is worth to discuss the situation of oncidium farmers adopting new technology as well as the factors affecting it. the study used frequency、percentage、mean、multiple-regression and path analysis to analyze situations of the age、education level、the farming scale、farm income、the frequency of get in touch with the new technology、the knowledge of oncidium physiology and farmers’ perception about new technology of 120 farmers of oncidium production in Taiwan.
The results showed that farmer used two new cultivars、one equipment of environmental control,all farmers use postharvest technology.
The result form multiple-regression showed that the frequency of get in touch with the new technology and the knowledge of oncidium physiology has positive effect on the farmers’ perception about the new technology, and the degree of the frequency of get in touch with the new technology has more effect than the knowledge of oncidium physiology. The farmers’ perception about the new technology、the frequency of get in touch with the new technology and the knowledge of oncidium physiology、the farming scale in order had significant positive effect. Therefore, it is suggest that, the government should improve the cooperation of the agricultural technology research department and the extension department and the farmer who with large farming scale should be chosen for new technology extension.
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