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標題: 東勢鎮中科國小綠美化之行動研究
The Action Research of greenery for Chung-Ke primary school in Dongshi
作者: 江國湖
關鍵字: Greenery;綠美化;Action-Research;行動研究
出版社: 農業推廣教育研究所

This research analyses the circumstance of Chung-Ke resident who participate community action. By the conception of Action Research to help Chung-Ke resident solve the environment problem. Besides, to construct the community consciousness, attain greenery environment in the pivot of Chung-Ke primary school.
On the basic of case sample, choosing someone who participate community actively for a long time. In order to complete plan, apply resource and communicate resident, case sample should be convened or interview, personally, Chung-Ke primary school greenery environment will be achieved step by step from resident participate actively. In the process of research staff learn something about collaboration greenery and community consciousness from expert and Chung-Ke resident.
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