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標題: 生態資源資料庫網路系統建置之研究-以新化林場為例
A Study of Establishing an Ecological Resource Web-based System
作者: 葉光福
Yeh, Kuang-Fu
關鍵字: ASP;ASP;資料庫;地理資訊系統;GIS;生態;Database;GIS
出版社: 水土保持學系
然而生態資源具有空間之特性,因此本研究以資料庫管理系統Access2000建立屬性資料,而以地理資訊系統軟體ArcView GIS 3.2處理空間資料,構建新化林場地理環境資料庫。在資料快速更新及資訊一致性方面,本研究另以ASP(Active Server Pages)及IIS(Internet Information Services)伺服器為工具,將之建立在網際網路環境,並完成開發一簡易實用之使用者介面以連結資源資料庫及地理資訊系統,使用者只要透過網際網路查詢系統即可查詢生態資源相關資訊,管理者並可於線上作即時之資訊更新,期能提供作為新化林場地區生態資源管理之參考。將來並可與「國土資訊系統」中之自然資源與生態資料庫相整合。

Soil and water resources are important for development, plan, and management of land. However, the sorts of soil and water resources are multifarious. The most effective way to save and economize soil and water data is to build the systematic database for ecological resources which are about soil and water.
Ecological resources have the property of space. Thus, this article discusses the method to build an attributive database by using Access2000, and then to deal with spatial data by applying Arcview GIS 3.2. In this way, Author established the database for the geographic environment in Shin-Hua Forest Recreation Area. To consider the rapidly updated data and the consistence of information in the database, Author built up an information system on internet with ASP (Active Server Pages) and IIS (Internet Information Services). This system is quite simple so that users can search for the information of ecological resources easily and the system managers can update data in time. Author introduced this system to manage the ecological resources in the area of Shin-Hua Forest Recreation Area. In the future, it can be possible that this system be inter-worked with the database of natural resources in National Geographical Information System.
This article discusses a variety of applied formulas, which were set up on internet, measures the strengths and weaknesses of those applied formulas, and finds the possible problems.
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