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標題: 2004台灣花卉博覽會遊客滿意度之分析
The Analysis of the visitor satisfactions with 2004 Taiwan Flower Expo
作者: 蕭麗玲
關鍵字: 博覽會;2004台灣花卉博覽會;滿意度
出版社: 農業推廣教育研究所
本研究以2004台灣花卉博覽會展出期間遊客對於設施及服務之滿意度。透過問卷調查方式收集資料以百分比、平均數、標準差、及單因子變異數析法﹙One-way ANOVA)等進行統計分析。

This research studied the preparing for 2004 Taiwan Flower Expo and the visitors' satisfactions with the expo. In the research we referred the documents about different expos held abroad or in Taiwan and the theories of satisfaction. We investigated visitors of 2004 Taiwan Flower Expo and analyzed their satisfaction with it, and checked the details of the preparing progress. We hope that we can give some proposals via our research for holding expos in the other day.
This study focused on the satisfaction of visitors. We investigated visitors with questionnaire for collecting data, and analyzed the data with Percentage, Average, Standard Deviation and one-way ANOVA in statistics.
The result indicates:
1. The number of male-visitors is about 6 out of 10.
2. The number of visitors among the age of 26 to 35 is more than that of any other range in age.
3. The visitors from Taipei area, Chang-Hwa County and Tai-Chung County take the greatest parts of all.
4. About 90% of all visitors visited the expo accompanied with friends or family members.
5. The number of visitors who drove to the expo takes about 67% of all visitors.
6. Most visitors got the information of the expo from television and newspaper.
7. The averages of satisfaction in different items are between 3.65 and 3.99 of 5, and the difference is not significant.
8. It is no affection for the satisfaction to the visitors that the location they are from and the people they are accompanied with.
9. There is very significant difference in the satisfaction among the visitors with different sex, age and the transportation way they took.
In final, we'd like to offer some proposals. For attracting visitors and promoting their satisfaction, we should try to know their demands before the expo and arrange more interesting exhibition items. Since family-tour is the most popular type of tour in Taiwan, we should consider family-tourists demands while arranging the activities and service facilities. Because people like driving for traveling in Taiwan, how to arrange the parking area and the vehicles moving line is another important issue. Giving the service agents a good training program before they are on duty and controlling the number of visitors in peak hour are the ways to keep the visitors from unsatisfied.
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