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標題: 參與社區讀書會對婦女影響之研究
The effects of attending community study circle
作者: 賴嘉如
Lai, Chia-Ju
關鍵字: community study circle;社區讀書會;female learning;participation motives;qualitative research;婦女學習;參與動機;質性研究
出版社: 農業推廣教育研究所

This research is to examine how community study circle attendance affects women by way of case study. With participant observation and in-depth interview, this study is aimed at finding women's motives for participating community study circle and its effects.
The researcher adopted participant observation, and semi-structured interview was employed to collect the text of data. The results of the research are as follows:
1. The primary motives of women to participate a community study circle. are to obtain new knowledge and because of encouragement by friends.
2. With regard to the influential factors of women's learning effects, geographical factors and reading pressure are found to be the most significant ones.
3. In terms of women's personal and non-personal growth and changes after participating community study circle, the following points are important. First, sharing life experience can lift community women's life skills and thinking ability. Second, it improves women's job performance and parental education effectiveness. Thirdly, it also elevates women's ability on communication. Fourthly, it reveals that children's habit of reading must be commenced from their childhood. Fifthly, the influence caused by family structure change is not explicit. Finally, participating community study circle indeed improve personal social network and social resource usage.
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