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標題: 不同時期地形資訊探討草嶺地區地形變遷之研究
A Study on Tsaoling Landslide Area Landform change by Comparing the Map from 1930s till 1998s
作者: Tsai, Chiao-Wen
關鍵字: Yun-lin;草嶺;Gukeng Village;DEM;草嶺潭;DEM;堰塞湖;台灣堡圖;台灣地形圖
出版社: 水土保持學系

Tsaoling Landslide Area is celebrated for avalanche in Taiwan. There have had four times of serious collapses in history. Above all, the Chi-Chi Earthquake that occurred at September the 21-th of 1999, caused an especially number of collapse. At the Chi-Chi Earthquakes, the scale was great in Kuh-lum Mountain, in Gukeng Village of Yun-lin County. There were very much slid down earth mass and stone blocked on Ching-Shui Stream and formed a Tsaoling Lake. Because the barrier levee of the lake may breach due to breaking down for some causes and occur calamity and panic at the lower stream area. If we can investigate the landform change clearly it will help us to make a good policy for treating the mass of collapse.
This study has gathered international paper about collapse, and gathered the ancient map of 1930 year then to build the DEM for analyzing the change of landform of Tsaoling Landslide Area during 1930 to 1999 for expecting we can understand the landform characteristic of nowadays landform and original landform. After plane-proof reading, we discovered that the unchanged area of the former map is similar to the landform of 1998. The three sites of newly collapsed of 1988 after 1930 was inferred from the collapsed at 1941 and 1979. The location of river moved approximately by 360m from left bank to right bank, and the bottom of the consequent slope of the rock stratum in right bank was eroded. It has formed a free end of the rock stratum in Kuh-lum Mountain and after the water eroding the rock stratum was unbalanced and then caused landslide for raining and earthquake. Owing to some errors for the two different times, plane and elevation check and adjustment must be introduced to perform a precise analysis.
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