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標題: 四健推廣人員核心能力之研究
Study on the core competencies of 4-h extension agents
作者: 賴昕怡
Lai, Hsin-Yi
關鍵字: 4-H extension agents;四健推廣人員;core competency;focus group;核心能力;焦點團體
出版社: 農業推廣教育研究所

Under the trend of knowledge-based Economy, emphasis on the non-formal education becomes important and should not be ignored. To enable and improve the development among the rural youth, it''''s thus important for the 4-H extension education to fulfill in this area. The 4-H extension agents who process the core competency play an import role in executing and targeting this task.
This study is base on focus group to discuss about the core competencies, that the 4-H agents should process according to their different roles and tasks. Taking 4-H agents as the samples, we investigate among them to understand the opinions they have toward the importance of core competency, and to realize the significance they hold. In the meanwhile, we further analyze and compare the differences between them.
Result of this research indicates, that the core competencies the 4-H agents should process include 51 items, such as rational communication, program planning and evaluating. The opinions that the 4-H agents have toward the importance of core competency falls between "import" and "very important" rank, and the significance they hold scales between "normal" and "insufficient".
In addition, it presents an obvious discrepancy when examining the opinions and significance on the 4-H agents. That means they have to be strengthened and trained more to improve all of the core competencies, and it will be an essential consideration to examine, if they have the core competency or not, when recruiting new 4-H agents.
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