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標題: 基層農會農業推廣人員對推行「專業證照制度」之態度研究
A study on attitudes towards the professional certification system among agricultural extension agents in township-level farmers'' associations in Taiwan
作者: 吳清河 論文開放日期:20030825
關鍵字: 基層農會;township-level farmers'' associations;農業推廣人員;專業證照制度;態度;agricultural extension agents;professional certification system;attirudes
出版社: 農業推廣教育研究所
1. 研究結果顯示基層農會農業推廣人員,對推行「專業證照制度」所持態度,具有相當正面的支持行為反應,而「有」參與取得證照意願者的比率則達88.83%,其最大的原因是充實自己的專業知識與提昇自的專業技術,「無」參與取得證照意願者的比率則達11.17%,其最大的原因是體認對其未來發展沒有影響。

Township-level Farmers' Associations have been the chief organizations for operating present agricultural extension system in Taiwan. Agricultural extension agents have been responsible for the work of agricultural extension for years. But Agricultural extension agents' professional skills have been neglected, not to mention the execution of Professional Certification System. In order to realize the agricultural extension agents' personal viewpoints on The Professional Certification System and to use their perspective as an index Which can be referred to when Professional Certification System is executed, I conducted a detailed research on Professional Certification System and began writing this thesis.
This research mainly aims at: Firstly, to understand the attitudes which the agricultural extension agents hold toward the execution of Professional Certification System. Secondly, to probe into the elements impacting on the attitudes adopted by the agricultural extension agents toward Professional Certification System. I took 1387 agricultural extension agents around the country as research objects and made a survey by mail. The investigation lasted form March, 20th, 2003 to April, 30th, 2003. I obtained 179 effective specimens after urging replies by phone several times and correcting vague or insufficient data. The chief discoveries resulted form this research are as the following :
Firstly, the results show that the agricultural extension agents positively support the execution of Professional Certification System. 88.83% of the agricultural extension agents are willing to take part in the system and get certificates. The principal reason is that they can improve their professional knowledge and skills. 11.17% of the agricultural extension agents are unwilling to participate in the system and get certificates. The main cause is that they don't think the system has influence on their future development.
Secondly, the factors of influencing the attitudes of agricultural extension agents in Township-level Farmers' Associations toward the practicing Professional Certification System have obvious difference in reaction to the ideas about the cognition of system , such as“position”, “wage”, “experience on certification” , etc . There is no obvious influence on the other aspects.
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