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標題: 有機農業學習社群之研究
A Study on web-based learning community in organic agriculture
作者: 黃瑞娟
關鍵字: 有機農業;organic agriculture;學習社群;學習環境需求;學習行為;學習滿意度;web-based learning community;Learning environment needs;learning behavior;learning satisfaction
出版社: 農業推廣教育研究所

Organic agriculture, in terms of web-based learning community, is an issue worth studying. Selecting communities from two web sites — organic agriculture information center and Forum of organic agriculture — as the subjects to be analyzed, this research examines the learners and their articles through content analysis, web survey and in-depth interview. This research is aimed to examining organic agriculture learners' needs of the learning environment, observing and analyzing web-based learners' learning behavior in their communities, and analyzing organic agriculture learners' learning satisfaction at web-based learning community. The findings are as follows,
I. Learning environment needs: the first three needs of the interviewees in system function are discussion board, electronic newspaper and search engine. With regard to learning content, it includes organic production information, definitions and concepts of organic agriculture, consumption information of organic agriculture, marketing of organic products, and commerce information of organic materials. Learners do not have many requests in web designing, except the needs of easy manipulation and the background. They will be more involved with willing of participation if further illustration could be included.
II. Learning behavior: interviewees participate in community discussion due to their interests in the organic agriculture, they enjoy their browse and discussion because of its benefit in self-learning. The frequency of their participation is mostly no more than once or twice a week, less than thirty minutes a time. In the respect of interactive behavior, the main learning behavior of most learners is browsing. Furthermore, the interaction between learners can be categorized into four types: communicative interaction, self-promoting interaction, leadership interaction, and conflicting interaction. The interaction between the administer and learners can be categorized into three types: issues of website designing , website new units, and current events.
III. Learning satisfaction: Most interviewees are satisfied with their learning. Satisfaction of organic learning community and satisfaction of self-learning are particulanly significant. Regarding satisfaction of interpersonal interaction and satisfaction of self-performance, more interviewees have no comment.
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