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標題: 九二一重建區民眾對土石流防災認知之研究─以南投縣中寮鄉為例
A Study of Cognition to Debris Flow Disaster Prevention for Residents in 921 Earthquake Reconstruction Area -A Case Study of Chung-Liao Village Nantou County
作者: 陳素珠
Chen, Su-Chu
關鍵字: debris flow;土石流;potential debris flow stream;cognition;alertness;土石流潛勢溪流;認知;警覺
出版社: 水土保持學系
本研究針對九二一重建地區南投縣中寮鄉,進行民眾對土石流防災認知調查研究,以瞭解政府實施土石流防災疏散避難演練與教育宣導,民眾對土石流防災認知與警覺程度及防災教育宣導之成效。以簡單隨機抽樣法(Simple Random Sampling)進行問卷調查,分析結果如下:(1)民眾對於土石流防災認知與警覺方面的績效評量屬中等程度,取得防災資訊來源與機會的績效評量屬中下程度。(2)民眾對於防災危機認知不足,防災資訊的需求期望高。(3)山坡地、土石流、性別及職業對土石流防災認知有顯著差異。(4)民眾對於土石流防災認知、警覺、防災資訊來源與機會等三方面均呈正相關。建議(1)水土保持教育與土石流防災疏散演練教育宣導應持續並加強實施。(2)資訊提供方式,宜選擇大眾傳播媒體及睦鄰隊村里幹事之管道(3)建置各鄉鎮教育、訓練及實地演練巡迴服務網或機構,頒發學習認證護照,落實教育及訓練成果。

The purpose of this study is to realize the residents of disaster prevention in debris flow after a series of educational propaganda held by government in the potential debris flow areas. Simple random sampling methods were used to analysis the questionnaire. The results are summarized as follows:(1)The evaluation indicate that cognition level to the residents general concepts and alertness of debris flow disaster prevention are medium. And the evaluation of the acquiring of the sources of debris flow disaster prevention is medium to low.(2)The residents concept of crisis is insufficient, and people's expectations of obtaining the information of debris flow disaster prevention or evacuation from the catastrophe are rather high.(3)The land on the hillside, debris flow, gender, occupation to the concept of the prevention of debris flow have obvious distinction.(4)People think that prevention, alertness and information of the crisis are positively related to one another.
This study suggests that the educational propaganda of disaster prevention means and evacuation ways should be continued and strengthened. Moreover, the supply of the information should be acquired from the media that are close to the people such as television, radio broadcasting, newspaper or administrative officer at the village. Educational centers, training organizations and touring service networks should be set up in order to promote the cognition of debris flow disaster prevention.
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