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標題: 山坡地管理資訊系統之應用研究
Application of slopeland administration information system on slopeland management
作者: 劉建輝
關鍵字: 山坡地管理;查報取締;山坡地管理資訊系統
出版社: 水土保持學系

Slopeland management practices enhance national territory protection and soil and water resources conservation. Reducing cultivation and excavation by illegal development are key factors to ensure the results of slopeland investigation and enforcement. Slopeland investigation and enforcement includes prevention and execution of illegal cases. The first priority will be providing the accurate information for management practices.
The traditional slopeland investigation and enforcement implementation were consisted by paper works; the old method could not handle the violation information timely. Base on the practice defects, the Soil and Water Conservation Bureau devotes itself to establish the slopeland management geographic information system and provide the real-time violation data to policy-makers and administrators. Using management database and the modern equipment assistance, even under insufficient staff circumstances, the accurate, efficient, and speedy violation enforcement can be achieved.
This study focused on the topic for combining slopeland investigation and information management system. By accumulating enforcement experiences, the slopeland management computerized purpose can be accomplished and the execution efficiency can be also improved. Integrating information from local and central governments, linking the management functions, and providing a common slopeland computer operation system can improve the traditional paper works to computer management level. The slopeland violation data can be further used for behavior analysis.
In the meantime, through the violation data analysis, the complete information during the processing period can be connected and obtained. The geographic information system can efficiently support the enforcement and management practices. However, the numbers of violation cases are not varied significantly, by the positive attitude towards enforcement and management, the violation area is decreasing by years. It reveals good results are received by the propagation and enforced management practices.
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