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標題: The study on Agricultural Perception of Rural Teenagers:The junior high school students(9th grade)as an example
作者: Liu, Cheng-Hsien
關鍵字: 鄉村;rural;青少年;農業知覺;teenager;agricultural perception
出版社: 農業推廣教育研究所

is research is designed for studying the agriculture perception of rural. Teenagers, the junior high school (9th grade) students. Six influential factors are chosen for identifying their agriculture perception condition. There are gender, if parents worked on a farm , parent's expectation , if relatives worked on a farm , home location , and taken agriculture courses or activities.
Through frequency, percentage, and one-way ANOVA analysis, the statistics show that the agriculture perception of teenagers is middle level.and the agriculture policy perception remains the highest level .The rankings are as following :agriculture's relationship with natural resources ,animal science ,plant science,significance of agriculture,marketing of agriculture, processing of agriculture products. Except the parent's expectation, the other five influential factors have obvious effect on the forming of agricultural perception.
With emphasis on those five factors, the conclusion of this research suggests many practical ways to apply in order to improve the agricultural perception of rural teenagers.
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