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標題: 影響永續農業經營行為之因素探討
The Factors that Influence the behavior of Sustainable agriculture''s management.
作者: 劉明章
Liu, Ming-Chang
關鍵字: behavior;永續農業;Sustainable agriculture;management;經營;行為
出版社: 農業推廣教育研究所
The practices of sustainable agriculture are effective method to revamping the ecological problems that were caused by conventional farming systems. We should understand what are factors that influence the practices of sustainable agriculture of farmers and to increase their farm use of the practices by extension programs. In this study we took farmers'' background, farm structure, diffusion factors, attitude as reference to predict the practices of sustainable agriculture of farmers.
The result shows the practices of sustainable agriculture can reduce the amount of chemical materials used in most conventional farming system. As to adoption of alternative materials and techniques, it focus mainly on those which lower the cost of production and at the same time meet the standards of organic cultivation and at the same time meet the standards of organic cultivation. He result of multiple-regression reveals that the following factors have positive effects on adoption sustainable agriculture.: the education level of farmers, the farming scale, the number of people running the farm business, the sources of information, the attitude forward environment and the attitude toward sustainable agriculture, which the age and income of farmers have negative ones.
Therefore, I suggest that agricultural extension agents should allow researches to understand more the need of farmers in order to direct the research. And the results should be introduced to farmers who are younger, better-educated, in possession of farms reaching a certain scale, and capable of providing sufficient labors to maintain the farm. Meanwhile I recommend in terms of practicable methods, cooperative extension to provide rounded information and to induce farmers to change their attitudes, and hence they''ll be more likely to adopt sustainable agriculture.

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