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標題: 生物聚合物三仙膠應用於海岸定砂之研究
A study of sand fixation using biopolymer(xanthan gum) at the coastal area
作者: 施純富
關鍵字: 定砂;三仙膠;生物聚合物
出版社: 水土保持學系
There are serious wind, sand, and salt damage which affect the local living activities in the western coast of Taiwan. People attempt to develop the hillside and coastal areas for the land requirement. The sound windbreak for preventing the damage to the related facilities at the coastal areas is necessary.
The effects of Xanthan gum on the soil physiochemical properties and the germination of tested plant were carried out at this experiment. Results show that the higher spreading concentration decreases soil pH and increases the stability of soil aggregates. The functionality of lower soil pH provides the better environment for the invasion plants to grow due to the alkalinity buffering.
The results of plant germination and wind tunnel experiment show that the higher concentration of Xanthan gum applied, the poor germination rate and better sand fixation derived. Having the benefits of sand fixation and assuring the germination rate is the vital solution to the study areas for reducing the damage. The applied concentration (0.1%, w/w) is recommended for the areas with average wind velocity less than 12m/s. The applied concentration greater than 0.1% should be used at the areas with wind velocity greater than 12m/s for the sand fixation only and the germination rate will be seriously inhibited under the Xanthan gum concentration greater than 0.1%.

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