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標題: 宜蘭地區颱風降雨與地形、空間分布關係之探討
Study on the Relationship of Typhoon Rainfall, Topography and Spatial Distribution in I-Lan Area
作者: 林淑玲
Lin, Shu-Ling
關鍵字: 多元線性迴歸;Multiple Linear Regression;補克利金法;空間分布;Cokriging;spatial distribution
出版社: 水土保持學系

Taiwan is located at the subtropical area of western Pacific and on the path of typhoons. Owing to rainfall intensity and rainfall of typhoons are highly related to path, intensity, vapor content, structure of typhoons and topography, results in rain falls disproportionate distribution in time and space. For this reason, serious disasters in Taiwan are often occurred during typhoon events. I-Lan, located at the northeastern Taiwan, is one of county which typhoon attacked most frequently. Therefore, this study focuses not only on discussing spatial distribution of typhoon precipitation among characteristics of topography like as elevation, slope and aspect of I-Lan , but also intend to disaster prevention and improve water conservancy administration and development.
The rainfall record of typhoon events from 1971 to 1999 is based on Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs. The relation among typhoon degree, typhoon path, factors of topography, the rainfall intensity and rainfall of typhoon were analyzed and establish Multiple Linear Regression models. Then, considering characteristics of topography like as elevation, slope and aspect, using Cokriging method to draw spatial distribution map of I-Lan which display typhoon precipitation.
The results indicates that the first, second, and forth path of typhoon directly impact to I-Lan area. Regarding to the precipitation , northern Fu-Shan, TaiPing-Shan and east-southern Zhang-Lin are the heavy rainfall region. For the rainfall intensity, Fu-Shan east-southern Zhang-Lin, Xin-Liao, Da-ZhuoShui have high intensity. By Regression analysis method, it is found that elevation and the maximal wind speed near typhoon center have important effect on rainfall. In addition, spatial distribution of rainfall in I-Lan area displays clearly by Cokriging method.
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