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標題: 中部地區坡地土壤水分流動之研究
The Study of Soil-Water Movement on Slopeland
作者: Shieh, Ming
關鍵字: water characteristics curve;水分特性曲線;water characteristics parameter;Richards equation;水分特性參數;水分流動方程式
出版社: 水土保持學系
Three soil samples collecter from Da-keng, Chiu-fen-er-shan, and Da-Du mountain were used as study materials. The soil textures are sandy loam for Da-keng and Chiu-fen-er-shan and clay loam for Da-Du mountain. The water characteristics of the soil samples were measured and characteristics function parameters were determined by curve fitting technique. The a and n parameters for these soils are 0.0639, 0.0401, 0.0699 and 1.27, 1.45, 1.25 respectively. The Da-Du mountain soil is the finest soil which has lowest n value, and least infiltration rate. The research also simulation water movement based on Richards Equation. The water characteristic equation for these soil samples are described as following :
θ(h) = 0.025578+0.413422/[1+(0.0639h)1.27]0.2126
θ(h) = 0.026550+0.374450/[1+(0.0401h)1.45]0.3103
Da-Du mountain
θ(h) = 0.029778+0.564222/[1+(0.0699h)1.25]0.2000

本研究量測台中大坑、大肚山與南投九份二山土壤之水分移動情形,大坑與九份二山土壤質地為砂質壤土,大肚山土壤質地為粘質壤土。三種土壤之水分特性曲線以曲線擬合技術求得 van Genuchten水分特性方程式參數 a與 n,並應用Richards Equation模擬水分移動情形。大坑、九份二山、大肚山土壤水分特性方程式之a 值分別為0.0639、0.0401、0.0699;n值分別為1.27、1.45和1.25。三種土壤中大肚山的質地最細,其a值最大而n值最小,入滲率小,最容易產生逕流。三種土壤之水分流動方程式如下所列:
大坑 θ(h) = 0.025578+0.413422/[1+(0.0639h)1.27]0.2126
九份二山 θ(h) = 0.026550+0.374450/[1+(0.0401h)1.45]0.3103
大肚山區 θ(h) = 0.029778+0.564222/[1+(0.0699h)1.25]0.2000
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