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標題: The Investigation on Landslide of Lichi Formation at Da-Po Hillslopes in Fu-Li , Eastern Taiwan
作者: 吳志展
關鍵字: Lichi Formation;利吉層;Landslide;Montrnorillonites;Eastern Taiwan;地滑;膨潤石類土壤;台灣東部
出版社: 水土保持學系

Lichi Formation is the major geological formation of eastern Taiwan. The Formation is mainly consisted of huge gray mudstones and mixed with externally imported rock material which possessing various grain sizes. In addition, the Lichi Formation without perceptible stratification has experienced very complicate stress histories and geological deformations such as compression and shearing. The grain size of imported rock material of Lichi Formation can range from few minimeters to few meters in diameter. Nevertheless, some huge rock mass can extend to one square kilometer in area. Meanwhile, the Lichi Formation appears weak and broken geological structure with low material strength and unstable characteristics.
The occurrence of landslide may be resulted from inherent unstable geological structure, rainfall, groundwater fluctuation, earthquake, Montrnorillonites, and erosion. In order to investigate landslide failure mechanism of Lichi Formation, the DA-PO hillslope area was selected as an experimental sites. For instrumentations, boring exploration, inclinometer, extensometer, strain gauge and ground water indicator were installed to collect the required data. The instrumentation project was performed for one-year duration and the observations were employed for the analysis. According to the analysis, some findings can be presented as follows:
1. The displacement of the instrumented slope is significantly dependent on the intensity of the rainfall during the typhoon period.
2. The pattern of landslide in DA-PO district is a shallow type of collapse. The sliding failure surface is located at 3~5m below the ground surface under low ground water table and drained condition. The road construction and heavy rainfall may be the main causes for the occurrence of landslide.
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