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標題: Cellular Reactions to Physical Signals: Laser and Nanometric Scale
作者: 江郁霖
Chiang, Yu-Lin
關鍵字: 骨髓間葉幹細胞;mesenchymal stem cell;低功率雷射;聚苯乙烯聚己內酯共聚合物;奈米特徵表面;low energy laser;polystyrene-polycaprolactone copolymer;nano-featured surface
出版社: 化學工程學系
This study included two parts and intended to elucidate the effects of physical signals in the cells. The first part was to establish the effects of low energy He-Ne laser in human mesenchymal stem cells. The effect of laser on cell proliferation, stem cell purity as well as cell morphology was investigated. The second part was to identify the behaviors of fibroblasts on three copolymeric materials with nano-domain phase separation. The effect of surface nano-features on biocompatibility, including cell compatibility, hemocompatibility and monocyte activation was examined.
In the first study, the number of cells after laser stimulation did not change in seven days, but increased thereafter. The stem cell purity increased on the 14th day. The effect of laser stimulation was time dependent. Laser changed cell morphology, cytoskeleton and focal adhesion protein. Laser was previously reported to have effects in several types of cells. In this study, laser was found to affect human mesenchymal stem cells as well.
In the second study, the different PS-PCL copolymers with nano-featured surface morphology had different biocompatibility. Especially in the materials with PS ratio equal to 0.637, where small holes on the surface with the depth about 5 nm were observed, there were higher cell proliferation in three days and lower monocyte activation. The focal adhesion proteins were more activated on the surface as well. These nano-featured materials could have potential applications in tissue engineering scaffolds.
These two studies led to the conclusion that physical signals played an important role in cellular behaviors.

在第二部分具奈米特徵的表面上,也發現不同奈米結構的polystyrene-polycaprolactone共聚物會影響其生物相容性,其中在PS-0.637此比例下的材料,其表面形態呈現約 5 nm的小坑,細胞生長在第三天時有較高的細胞數,同時也具有較低的單核球活化率以及較強的貼附蛋白的表現,可知此種表面形態的材料,具有較佳的生物相容性,而且具有作為組織工程支架之材料的可能性。
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