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標題: Application of GIS on the Analysis of Protection Forest for Erosion Control
關鍵字: 地理資訊系統;Geographic information system;多變值統計;林地分級;土砂捍止保安林;multivariate statistical analysis;forest site classification;protection forest of erosion control
出版社: 水土保持學系
Owing to the bad geographical location as well as the bad natural condition of Taiwan, it often causes flood and erosion disaster when heavy rain occurs. Those have threatened people''s lives, properties and important public facility seriously. Therefore if we keep good forest covering at the upper watershed of the river, the disaster will be prevented or reduced. Before 1945, fifteen protection forests such as erosion-control forest and water-conservation forest…etc., which can protect the land and prevent the disaster from occurring in the appropriate area of Taiwan were setup. Our government has even legislated to protection forests science 1959. Because the land area is limited in Taiwan, the land use of plain area has saturated and the population has being grown up, the protection forest has faced to be developed. As to resolve the problem, the government has made laws to manage the protection forest. Nevertheless, it is necessary to make the impersonal and definite laws by using scientific approach.
This study used new scientific approach and referred to the former research to investigate No.1406 protection forest for erosion control in Taichung County. According to the relevant laws, this study used GIS technique to analyze the data and used also SPOT satellite image data to help detect land use changes in different stages. As the result of using new approaches such as Mashimo model and multivariate statistical analysis method to plan the protection forest. Finally, a method, which can be a reference to analyze and evaluate the protection forest of any other area of Taiwan, was erected. The conclusion was as following:
1. By using Overlap analysis function and multivariate statistical method to plan the protection forest can save time and labor. After locale validating this methods are proved to be suitable for planning the protection forest.
2.The area of suitable protection forest zone for erosion control was over 90% in this study area and that concise with the primary plan to assign this area to be a protection forest, so it is necessary for this protection forest to keep its erosion control function.

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