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標題: Stormflow Hydrograph Estimation with Antecedent Precipitation Index Model for A High Elevation Forested Watershed in Central Taiwan
作者: 黃良鑫
Hwang, Liang-Shin
關鍵字: stormflow;暴雨流量;Piluchi;experimental watershed;antecedent precipitation index (API) model;畢祿溪;試驗集水區;臨前降雨參數模式
出版社: 水土保持學系
中 文 摘 要

The objective of this study is to test the reliability of the antecedent precipitation index (API) model in estimating stormflow hydrographs of high elevation upstream forested watershed in central Taiwan. API model is a simple structured and deterministic model mainly used for simulating continuous streamflow hydrograph from ungauged watersheds. Four parameters are involved in the API model, namely streamflow recession coefficient (K), intercept (I), slope (S) and exponent (X) of API rainfall-runoff relationship. Sixteen storm events with observed hourly streamflow and rainfall records from Piluchi Experimental Watershed No. 11 of Taiwan Forestry Research Institute were used as the hydrologic input data for API model. The results indicated that the simulated hydrographs are rather matched to the observed hydrographs. In addition, when K=0.95, X=0.5, I=0.56, S=0.0073 and K=0.95, X=0.4, I=0.35, S=0.0035 gave best simulation for rainfall less than and over 100mm storms, respectively. This proves that the API model is reliable for using in upstream watersheds in Taiwan.
Keyword : stormflow, Piluchi, experimental watershed, antecedent precipitation index (API) model
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