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標題: The measurement of Soil Water Characteristic Curves on Tea Plantation under Different Soil and Water Conservation Practices.
作者: Tu, Shan-Tai
關鍵字: Soil Conservation Treatment;水土保持處理;Cover;Mulch;Water Characteristic Curve;覆蓋;敷蓋;水份特性曲線
出版社: 水土保持學系
本研究之目的為測定不同水土保持處理下茶園土壤之水份特性曲線。研究結果顯示,影響土壤水份特性曲線之因子,除了土壤本身之性質外,表土的狀況亦會影響之。土壤表面經覆蓋與敷蓋後會提高土壤的有效水份含量。不同處理下之水份特性曲線,利用實測值與Haverkamp et al.(1977)及Van Genuchten(1980)所建議之公式做曲線套疊,推估出各曲線的參數,結果顯示Haverkamp et al.(1977)所建議的公式最適合本研究試區土壤水份特性之描述,下列各公式為推估不同處理下最佳的水份特性曲線模式

The purpose of this study is to determine the soil water characteristic curves under different treatment of the tea plantation. The model suggested by Haverkamp et al.(1977) and Van Genuchten(1980) were used. The parameters of these models were determined with the experimental data by curve fitting technology. The result indicated that the following equations were the best to describe the water characteristics curve of different soil conservation treatment.
(Keywords:Soil and Water Conervation Treatment, Cover, Mulch, Water Characteristic Curve)
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