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標題: 水土保持計畫施工檢查表格之研究
A Study on the Construction Check Forms of the Soil and Water Conservation Project
作者: Yang, Hong-Min
敏, 楊 宏
關鍵字: Soil and Water Conservation;水土保持
出版社: 水土保持學系所
引用: 參 考 文 獻 1.水土保持計畫審核監督辦法,2006。 2.現代營建雜誌社,山坡地規劃設計及開發,1993。 3.台灣省水土保持技師公會,鑑定手冊,2002。 4.台北市土木技師公會,邊坡維修手冊,1999。 5.內政部營建署,山坡地雜項工程技術及施工計畫指導準則,1989。 6.台北市政府,台北市山坡地水土保持設施自行檢查手冊,2003。 7.台北市政府,納莉颱風復建工程巡視檢查手冊,2002。 8.農委會水保局,水土保持施工品質常見缺失及矯正預防手冊,2005。 9.建築法,2006。
All constructions including the Soil and Water Conservation must be implemented and done properly at the construction site to obtain actual effectiveness. To control and monitoring the quality of construction at the construction site is depending on perfecting and rigorous construction inspection. Therefore its practical records of quantization are implemented its check form. So that it is very important that check form's design well or not, determine quality checked to construct directly, and influence the achievement of construction.
But the check form passes a period of application in time now, have already been found that several fields and key points are difficult to fill out or undetermined to display the site state of construction or unclear hierarchical situations. They causes serval unfunctions such as different cognition, void fields, etc. So this paper is tried to be reviewed and analysed with documents, cooperate with working experience and questionnaire investigation, revising every check form of soil and water conservation for above problems, in the hope of reducing the confusions which checks the practice, in order to strengthen its quality of checking and promotion further.
In research processing, we mark certain questions through by data analysis, determine their promoted way and revising from suggestions and opinions of professional engineer, senior expert and government employee. Then it hopes to make the achievement of the income benefit and use actually, really give play to the appropriate function of the check forms, achieve the goal of promoting construction quality.

其他識別: U0005-2308200618251600
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