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標題: 玻璃表面塗佈材質及轉染試劑組成對細胞轉染效率之探討
作者: Wei, Chang Kuang
關鍵字: coating material;塗佈材質;reverse transfection;CHO cell;gelatin;逆轉染;中國大頰鼠卵巢細胞;明膠
出版社: 化學工程學系
In this study, we examined the transfection efficiency of cells on the glass slides by changing the operation conditions, such as the coating materials and the components of the transfection reagents.
CHO cells (Chinese Hamster Ovary cells) were grown on the surfaces of glass slides which were treated with different coating materials. We found that using gelatin as coating material produced the best culture condition for CHO cells. The CHO cells cultured on the gelatin-coated glass were further treated with the transfection reagents by changing the concentrations of the transfection reagents. Different stabilizers were added at various ratios into the transfection reagents to enhance the transfection efficiency of CHO cells.
The results of this study showed that the transfection efficiency of CHO cells can be enhanced by using gelatin as the stabilizer on the gelatin-coated glass slides.

本研究主要探討逆轉染中操作條件對細胞轉染效率的影響。探討的條件包括改變玻璃表面塗佈材質、轉染試劑組成等,並以中國大頰鼠卵巢細胞(Chinese hamster ovary cell,CHO cell)為基因傳遞對象。
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