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標題: Hot Pressurized Fluids Extraction of Gypenosides from Gynostemma Pentaphyllum
作者: 陳君豪
Chen, Chun-Hao
關鍵字: Hot pressurized fluids;絞股藍;total gypenosides;Gynostemma pentaphyllum;extraction and purification;Ginsenosides;絞股藍總皂苷;熱壓水;酒精添加劑;萃取纯;化
出版社: 化學工程學系
This study investigated the feasibility of extracting total gypenosides (TGP) from Gynostemma pentaphyllum (GP) by using batch and semi-continuous hot pressurized fluids extractions. Extraction conditions ranged from 50 to 1000 psig, 333 to 433 K, 0.5 to 3hr, 5 to 10mL/min, addition of 0% to 95% ethanol, and solvent to solid ratio using 50g GP/L~200g GP/L. Agitation speed was fixed at 200rpm to free of mass transfer resistance. Experimental results indicated that hot water under suitable pressures (i.e. 50 psig) enhanced the extracted amount of gypenosides, but temperature was the major effect on extracting gypenosides from GP. When semi-continuous hot pressurized water extracted GP at 200 psig, 373 K, 10 mL/min, 3 hours, and the ratio of 200g /L (GP/ Extractor Volume), the recovery of the gypenosides(106.7 mg/g GP) was 65.1 % of that obtained by using EtOH Soxhlet extraction for 24 (Check!!! ) hours. However, a semi-continuous 60% ethanol extraction of GP obtains the 100% recovery of total gypenosides. Finally, absorption purification using Amberlite XAD7-HP resin revealed that 96.1% recovery, 86.5% purity and 82.7%, 83.2% of solids containing TGP, could be obtained respectively for the pressurized water extract and the 60% ethanol extract. The enhancement of the purification was over three times.

本研究探討壓力流體提取絞股藍(GP)中的總皂苷之可行性,並與傳統的索氏萃取進行比較。壓力流體的實驗範圍為壓力:50psig~1000psig、溫度:333K~433K、時間:0.5~3hr、流速:5~10mL/min、共溶劑:0%~95%乙醇水溶液和溶固比為每升槽體積投物50g至200g絞股藍粉。攪拌速率固定在200rpm以排除質傳阻力。研究結果顯示,批次壓力水在200psig、373K、溶固比50g GP/L和1 hr內,其絞股藍總皂苷的回收率為40.6% (66.0 mg/g GP);半連續式壓力水萃取條件為流速10mL/min、萃取壓力200psig、萃取溫度373K、溶固比200g GP/L和萃取時間3hr,其絞股藍總皂苷的回收率為65.1%(106.7 mg/g GP)。若改以共溶劑(60%乙醇水溶液)作為流體,於半連續式條件下,其絞股藍總皂苷100%回收。壓力水絞股藍萃出液經Amberlite XAD7-HP吸附樹脂純化後,可得96.1wt%的絞股藍總皂苷回收率和純度86.5%的結晶,純度為萃出液乾糙的3.62倍,總產率為39%。壓力60%乙醇水溶液的絞股藍萃出液經乾糙後之水溶液經相同樹脂純化後,可得82.7%的絞股藍總皂苷回收率和純度83.2wt%的結晶,純度為萃出液乾糙的3.18倍,總產率為81.5%。
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