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標題: 滯洪及沉砂池設計常見問題
The Review for the Design of the Detention and Deposit Pond
作者: 吳日凱
Wu, Jih-Kai
關鍵字: 水土保持計畫;soil and water conservation plan;滯洪沉砂池;水土保持計畫審查意見;detention and deposit ponds;reviews of soil and water conservation plan
出版社: 水土保持學系所
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To cope with excess surface runoff and sediments elicited by land development and reduce the consequent increase of peak flows and sediments downstream, proper detention and deposit facilities should be constructed based on Soil and Water Conservation Technical Guide. In other words, detention and deposit ponds are the key preventers of water loss and soil erosion. Besides, applicable laws and regulations of soil and water conservation, proper designs and engineers' professionalism are also crucial in this matter.
This research paper is targeted at the collection and analyses of all detention and deposit pond related issues covered in investigators' reviews of soil and water conservation plans. Most frequent problems and reviews would be analyzed, and potential solutions and advice discussed as reference for all soil and water conservation professionals. The research findings reveal the following five most frequently encountered problems—elevation differences between outfalls and infalls, miscalculation of detention volume or sediment yield, misuse of formulas for outfalls, miscalculation of regulated detention volume or regulated sediment yield (safety coefficients included), and inappropriate forms of trash racks. Facility designers and investigators should pay more attention to these most frequently overlooked details so as to increase the quality of detention and deposit facilities, reduce potential mistakes, shorten the time invested in all investigations and promote better quality and efficiency of works in soil and water conservation.
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