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標題: Flow injection analysis of sulfide using a cinder/tetracyano nikelate modified screen-printed electrode
作者: Zen, J.M.
Chang, J.L.
Chen, P.Y.
Ohara, R.
Pan, K.C.
關鍵字: sulfide;tetracyano nickelate;cinder;screen-printed electrode;selective determination;methylene-blue;hydrogen-sulfide;sensor;hybrid;smoke
Project: Electroanalysis
期刊/報告no:: Electroanalysis, Volume 17, Issue 9, Page(s) 739-743.
Flow injection analysis (FIA) of sulfide is presented using a screen-printed carbon electrode modified with a cinder/ tetracyano nickelate hybrid (designated as cinder/NiTcSPE). Hybridization of NiTc was achieved in iron-enriched industrial waste cinder material through the bimetallic formation of Fe-III[Ni-II(CN)(4)]. The electrocatalytic oxidation of sulfide is mediated by the higher oxidation state of Ni in this hybrid-bimetallic complex. The system shows a detection limit (S/N= 3) of 0.06 μ M and a linear working range up to 1 mM in pH 10, 0.1 M KCl solution. Taking into account the relatively low volatility of the analyte in alkaline conditions, the system is ideally suited for the accurate detection of sulfide. The response of the electrode to sulfide is highly reproducible, thereby offering the potential development of a disposable amperometric sensor for sulfide. Selective detection of sulfide in cigarette smoke is presented in this study as an example of a real sample application.
ISSN: 1040-0397
DOI: 10.1002/elan.200403147
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