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標題: Homogeneous Platinum-Deposited Screen-Printed Edge Band Ultramicroelectrodes for Amperometric Sensing of Carbon Monoxide
作者: Chou, C.H.
Chang, J.L.
Zen, J.M.
關鍵字: Carbon monoxide;Platinum nanoparticles;Ultramicroelectrode;Screen-printed electrode;hydrogen oxidation;electrode;sensor;electrocatalysis;fabrication;co
Project: Electroanalysis
期刊/報告no:: Electroanalysis, Volume 21, Issue 2, Page(s) 206-209.
We report here the fabrication and application of an electrochemical carbon monoxide (CO) gas sensor based on the deposition of Pt nanoparticles on a screen-printed edge band ultramicroelectrode (SPUME) with Nation as the solid polymer electrolyte. Homogeneous size and distribution of Pt nanoparticles is stably deposited on the SPUME without either protective or capped agents. The edge diffusion effect at the SPUME. to even out the generation rate of hydrogen and to speed up the mass transfer of Pt solution, is believed to play a key role in achieving the deposition result. The obvious advantage of the proposed ultramicroelectrode system is that no supporting electrolyte (i.e., internal electrolyte) is required in the sensor scheme. The current-time curve recorded Under conditions of + 0.45 V vs. pseudo Ag reference electrode and various CO concentrations suggests that current response depends linearly on CO concentration up to 1000 ppm (correlation coefficient = 0.994) with a sensitivity of 3.76 nA/(ppm . cm(2)). This report demonstrates potential application of the disposable CO gas sensor.
ISSN: 1040-0397
DOI: 10.1002/elan.200804376
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