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標題: 水土保持計畫審查常見問題與對策之探討
Common Issues and Solution on the Soil and Water Conservation Plans
作者: 陳尚偉
Chen, Shang-Wei
關鍵字: soil and water conservation act;水土保持法;soil and water conservation plan;水土保持計畫
出版社: 水土保持學系所
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Soil and water conservation plans are the crucial reports one must submit when applying to develop and utilize slopland. Through the review mechanism in advance of the development and utilization of slopland and revision under the suggestions and design ideas provided by experienced professional engineers, safe and proper use of land can be promoted. From the reviews of 217 soil and water conservation plans for Various Construction Enterprises, all comments were generalized and analyzed. Subsequently, from the aspects of laws and regulations, and actual practice, the discussions were focused on problems generated by comments on soil and water conservation plans, such as the selection of the soil and water conservation treatment factor, whether the total area of plans should be covered in the silt productivity estimation, and whether to balance the volume of soil being excavated and filled when conducting activities of excavation and soil preparation. The discussions and analyses in this thesis were targeted to serve as a great reference for investigators and designers of plans, so that conflicts and disagreements may be reduced and the time invested in reviews may be shortened. Consequently, administrative efficiency can be enhanced with the high quality of soil and water conservation plans assured.

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