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標題: Preparation and Physical Properties of Nylon 6/Silica Nanocomposites
作者: 江俊杰
關鍵字: Nylon 6;尼龍 6;Silica;Nanocomposities;Non-isothermal Crystallization Kinetics;Dynamic Mechanical Analysis;二氧化矽;奈米複合材料;非等溫結晶動力學;動態機械分析
出版社: 化學工程學系
This study was aimed to prepare surface-modified silica followed by melt blending with Nylon 6 via two processes. One is the adsorption of cationic surfactant on silica, the other is the grafting of styrene/glycidyl methacrylate copolymer on silica surface though surface polymerization. These surface-modified silicas has been applied to preparation of Nylon 6/silica nanocomposites through melt mixing. Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) result showed that the addition of silica into nylon 6 matrix increase the crystallization rate as well as the crystallization peak temperature (Tp) and also induce the crystallization into the less stable γcrystalline form. Non-isothermal crystallization kinectics data shows that the Avrami index, n, of vigin nylon 6 is 2.74 whereas for the nylon 6/silica nanocomposites with 5 wt% content is 4.89. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) reveals the surface-modified silica in nylon 6 matrix is well dispersed. Finally, nylon 6 /silica nanocomposites were analyzed by DMA for measuring storage modulus (E') , loss modulus (E”) and loss factor (tanδ). The storage modulus of nanocomposites containing 5 wt% silica modfied by adsorption of single cationic surfactant layer was 2.1 times that of virgin nylon 6. For silica modified by poly(styrene-glycidyl methacrylate) copolymer with silica content of 5 wt% , the storage modulus was 2.7 times that of pure nylon 6.

本研究藉由吸附陽離子界面活性劑及表面共聚合苯乙烯與甲基丙烯酸環氧丙酯二種方式改質二氧化矽。改質二氧化矽與尼龍6經熔融混煉製備尼龍6/二氧化矽奈米複合材料。DSC分析發現添加二氧化矽會使尼龍6之結晶速率變快,冷卻結晶峰溫度提高,誘導γ-form結晶型態之形成;非等溫結晶動力學測試並代入Avrami 方程式求出n值,發現添加5 wt%二氧化矽至尼龍6基材中,冷卻速率為2℃/min時,尼龍6之n值會從2.74增加到4.89。TEM分析,可以發現表面改質二氧化矽所製備之奈米複合材料可以均勻的分散在尼龍6基材。DMA測試發現添加5 wt%吸附單層界面活性劑之二氧化矽製備之尼龍6/二氧化矽奈米複合材料的儲存模數 (E’)為純尼龍6之2.1倍。添加5wt%經由表面共聚合苯乙烯及甲基丙烯酸環氧丙酯改質之二氧化矽的尼龍6/二氧化矽奈米複合材料的儲存模數 (E’)為純尼龍6之2.7倍。
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