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標題: 陳有蘭溪集水區地形演化與崩塌潛勢之研究
A study of geomorphological evolution and landslide potential in Chenyoulan watershed
作者: 陳世旻
Chen, Shih-Min
關鍵字: Morphotectonic index;構造地形指標;Hypsometric integral;Stream gradient index;面積高度積分;河流坡降指標
出版社: 水土保持學系所
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本文採用構造地形指標(Morphotectonic index)進行探討陳有蘭溪區域範圍,各次集水分區地形演化的形態特徵。而應用Kolmogorov Smirnov (K-S)常態分佈檢定方法,輔助面積高度積分(Hypsometric integral, HI)於地形演化階段劃分上的不明確性,藉由各演化階段之地形特徵,探討各演化階段與崩塌潛勢的反應能力,分析結果以「顛峰期」之次集水分區崩塌比例最高,於1999至2000年因地震、構造活動引起之崩塌,佔崩塌增加總面積之82%,該演化階段亦有良好的崩塌潛勢反應。
河流坡降指標(Stream gradient index)對於構造活動引起之地盤抬升、斷層錯動有良好之辨識度,藉由該指標與構造活動潛勢區位分析結果,推斷十八重溪河道區域範圍內,有構造活動或斷層存在的可能性。

The Morphtectonic index is adopted in this study in order to discuss the geomorphological evolution of morphological characteristics in Chenyulan watershed and the sub-watershed. The application of Kolmogorov Smirnov (K-S) normal distribution verification method, and the uncertainty of Hypsometric integral (HI) on the geomorphological evolution stages, through all evolution stages of terrain features, and landslide potential of reaction ability, the results indicate the highest proportion "culminating stage" location of collapse proportion Supreme, In addition, for the distribution of landslides induced by the earthquakes between 1999-2000, 82% increase in area accounted for landslides,and the structural activities are found to present a good potential response.
The Stream Gradient Index used for identifying the structural activities causing the site uplift, fault movement and the dislocation is found to obtain a good degree of identification. From the results of the index and the potential analyses in the location of tectonic activities, the structural activities and the fault can be inferred to exist in the region of Shih-Ba-Chung River.
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