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標題: The Optimization of Pressurized Liquid Extraction of Bioactivity Compounds from Pine
作者: Lin, Chung-Chang
關鍵字: Pressurized Liquid Extraction;壓力流體萃取;pine-needle;antioxidant activies;design of experiment;anthocyanins;松針;抗氧化;實驗設計;花青素
出版社: 化學工程學系
Application of design of experiment that Taguci methodology combined with Response surface methodology was optimization on Pressurized Liquid Extract (PLE) pine needle. By the Taguchi method, A L18 orthogonal array was chosen to investigate the optimum yield of proanthocyanidins. According to the analysis of variance table. The extraction temperature most significantly affected extraction efficiency, but higher temperature also caused decomposition of bioactivity components. The optimum condition was found be extract temperature (140℃), extract pressure (750psi), static time (1.5hr), solvent composition (20% EtoH). PLE crude yield was better than any other conventional extraction method. Furthermore, experimental design method can reduce experimental time, and it could offer us complete way to optimize the extraction parameters. Pressurized process costs lower energy and get more antioxidants. The antioxidant activities of the pine-needles extract were evaluated for their capacity to scavenge DPPH, superoxide anion radical and inhibition of lipid peroxidation. Results showed that PLE R extract had higher free radical scavenging effect at a concentration of 0.4mg/mLTheir Scavenging effects were 78.91%、81.73% and 76.72%., respectively. The enthanolic extract of pine needle displayed higher inhibition of leukemia cell line U937 growth. However, the isolation, purification and the mechanism of active components in Pinus densiflorat need to be further investigated.

本實驗結合田口實驗設計法 (Taguchi method) 與反應曲面法(response surface methodology)以探討高壓流體萃取松針製程之最佳化條件。在實驗方法中採用L18直交表作配置,以低聚花青素(proanthocyanidins) 為反應值,由變異數分析可知萃取溫度為影響萃取產率的最大因子。但高溫下容易造成指標性成分裂解。其最大產率為38%,較優於傳統萃取的18.2%。低聚花青素產率由反應曲面所計算以溫度140℃、壓力為750psi、時間為1.5hr、溶劑組成為20%乙醇溶液可達最大值,其值可達28.21mg/g。使用實驗計畫法能節省實驗時間獲得一完整的萃取方法,確保最高產率 條件的正確。高壓萃取製程花費較少的能源並獲得較多的抗氧化性成分。在抗氧化能力測試方面;實驗結果顯示高壓流體松針萃出物 (pressurizd liquid extraction PLER) 在0.4mg/mL濃度下有較佳之清除DPPH 自由基能力、清除超氧陰離子自由基能力和抗脂質過氧化之能力,分別可達78.91%、81.73%及76.72%。此外,在抗血癌細胞U937試驗中,松針乙醇萃出物對血癌細胞具有良好的致死效果。因此對於二葉赤松活性成分的分離、純化及作用機轉之探討,值得進一步研究。
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