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標題: 由含雙吡啶環基聚亞醯胺製備二次非線性光學材料之研究
作者: 張明群
Chang, Ming-Chun
關鍵字: bipyridyl;雙砒啶環基;polyimide;nonlinear optics;Pockels effect;聚亞醯胺;非線性光學;波克效應
出版社: 化學工程學系
Polyimides containing bipyridyl units were synthesized. The bipyridyl units were successfully incorporated by polymerization of bipyridyl diamine and α,α'- bis(4-amino phenyl) 1,4-disiopropyl- benzene with hexafluoroisopropylidene 2,2'-bisphthalic anhydride. The polymers are thermally stable up to 400℃ and exhibit a high glass transition temperatures(254℃). Two nonlinear optical (NLO) systems based on the bipyridyl containing polyimides were developed. In an guest-host system, DR1 was doped into polyimide with various weight ratios. Because of hydrogen bonding between the guest (DR1) and host (polyimide), a doping level of 30wt% and a fast decay temperature (T0) of 70℃were obtained. For the other system, in situ sol-gel reaction of alkoxysilane dyes or alkoxysilane in polyimide matrices was utilized, resulting a series of NLO polyimide-inorganic materials with large second-order optical nonlinearity. In addition to comparable r33 values, T0 of this organic/inorganic system was much higher than that of the guest-host systems. Excellent long-term stability of the effective r33 at 100℃ was observed as well.

為提昇二次非線性材料於熱性質與非線性特性之熱穩定性,本研究先合成出擁有強氫鍵acceptor之 4,4''-diamino-2,2''-bipyridine
,再與4,4''-hexafluoroisopropylidene bisphthalic anhydride等莫耳反應,合成出直鏈型雙吡啶環基聚亞醯胺(BPPI),以作為二次非線性光學材料的高分子主體。而本研究探討方向包括賓-主型系統與應用溶膠-凝膠技術之混摻系統,而研究中為使分子配向性達到最佳化,經材料熱昇華實驗獲得極化溫度的上限,再以不同極化電壓與溫度下獲得最佳r33值。
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