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標題: 行動GIS應用於農地重劃區土地使用現況調查與分析之研究 -以彰化縣草港尾農地重劃區為例
Application of Mobile GIS on Land Use Inventory Survey and Analysis for the Farmland Readjustment Area- Chaogangwei Farmland Readjustment Area at Changhua County as an Example
作者: 塗瑤清
Tu, Yao-Ching
關鍵字: Mobile GIS;行動GIS;farmland readjustment;land use inventory survey;農地重劃;土地使用現況調查
出版社: 水土保持學系所
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摘 要



In recent years, GIS has developed toward the trend of mobility. The development of mobility has enabled the application of GIS to extend from personal computer to all kinds of mobile equipment, and made the application of spatial information be more extensive and life-oriented; thus a map has skipped the stereotype of traditional paper map, and is presented in the style of spatial database instead, making check and analysis be more flexible. Since the mobility of GIS has been reached, its function has been extensively applied in the work of field survey. Besides convenience, the expected accuracy can be accomplished, the efficiency can be heightened substantially, the manpower can be saved, the expenses can be economized by a large margin, and the economic value can be boosted. In order to understand mobile GIS's functions in farmland readjustment area land use inventory survey operations, the research adopted smart phone to combine with advanced mobile GIS software to do the readjustment area land use inventory survey, and attempted to take smart phone as a platform, because the existing systems all take PDA as the platform; therefore, the research pioneered applying “Mobile Geographic Information System 2.0” to combine with smart phone to do the research of farmland readjustment area land use inventory survey, took Changhua County “Chaogangwei farmland readjustment area” completed in 2010 to do the test, and did the comparison, contrast, and analysis on the achievement chart obtained after applying mobile GIS and the achievement chart of survey made by Changhua County Government. The research proved that: 1. The present condition achievement chart obtained after applying mobile GIS and the achievement chart of survey made by Changhua County Government not only considerably matched, but the pictures were distinct and clear at a glance; moreover, they could increase the correctness of the results and decrease the dispute of land distribution and allotment; 2. Comparing to a traditional method of survey, the survey method of applying mobile GIS has the advantages of high authenticity, fast speed, high efficiency, being slightly influenced and limited by the weather, easy data preservation, not occupying the space, and comparatively more environmentally-friendly, being deeply worthy of taking as reference, being adopted, application, and overall promotion and popularization.
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