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標題: Synthesis of Alkenyl Sulfides Through the Iron-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reaction of Vinyl Halides with Thiols
作者: Lin, Yun-Yung
Wang, Yu-Jen
Lin, Che-Hung
Cheng, Jun-Hao
Lee, Chin-Fa
Project: Journal of Organic Chemistry, Volume 77, Issue 14, page(s) 6100–6106.
We report here the iron-catalyzed cross-coupling reaction of alkyl vinyl halides with thiols. While many works devoted on the coupling of thiols with alkyl vinyl iodides. Interestingly, the known S-vinylation of vinyl bromides and chlorides are limited to 1-(2-bromovinyl)benzene and 1-(2-chlorovinyl)benzene. Investigation on the coupling reaction of challenging alkyl vinyl bromides and chlorides with thiols is rare. Since the coupling of 1-(2-bromovinyl)benzene and 1-(2-chlorovinyl)benzene with thiols can be performed in the absence of any catalyst, here we focus on the coupling of thiols with alkyl vinyl halides. This system is generally reactive for alkyl vinyl iodides and bromides to provide the products in good yields. 1-(Chloromethylidene)-4-tert-butyl-cyclohexane was also coupled with thiols, giving the targets in moderate yields.
DOI: 10.1021/jo3008397
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