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標題: 使用矽烷類自聚性單分子膜方法製備C18疏水性薄膜及其對銀杏萜類內酯吸附分離之應用
作者: 蘇怡帆
Su, I-Fan
關鍵字: self-assembled monolayer;自聚性單分子膜;C18 hydrophobic membrane;terpene lactones;C18疏水性薄膜;萜;類內酯
出版社: 化學工程學系
C18 hydrophobic membranes were prepared using self-assembled monolayer (SAM) method in this study. First, the self-assembled octadecylsiloxane monolayers were formed on glasses under different reaction conditions. Their AFM images and relevant contact angles were then measured and compared for finding an optimal condition. The best SAM conditions included a concentration of 0.6 mM octadecyltrichlorosilane in dodecane and a reaction time of 60-120 min. Under the above best conditions, the self-assembled octadecylsiloxane monolayers were formed on the porous glass fiber membranes to prepare C18 hydrophobic membranes. In the batch adsorption experiments of terpene lactones using the prepared C18 membranes, the highest content of terpene lactones were obtained when using 10% ethanol as the feed solvent and ethyl acetate as the eluent .As to the flow adsorption experiments, a content of 6.25% terpene lactones can be achieved in the elution stage.

本研究使用n-octadecyltrichlorosilane (OTS)於玻璃片上進行矽烷類自聚性單分子膜反應,以獲得C18單分子膜於玻璃片表面上,並藉由原子力顯微儀和接觸角儀之觀測,探討不同反應條件對成膜情況之影響。結果顯示:OTS於十二烷溶液中濃度為0.6 mM及反應時間為60 -120 分鐘條件下,可獲得緻密且性質良好之C18單分子膜。之後,使用此最佳反應條件進行玻璃纖維薄膜之矽烷類自聚性單分子膜反應,可成功地獲得C18疏水性薄膜。在銀杏葉提取物的萜類內酯之批式吸附實驗中,以使用10%甲醇水溶液為吸附溶劑可得到不錯之吸附效果,而使用乙酸乙酯可得到較佳之脫附量。在使用圓片型薄膜分離器之流動吸附實驗部分,脫附步驟之總內酯含量可提高至6.25%。
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