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標題: Hydrothermally Processed TiO2 Nanowire Electrodes with Antireflective and Electrochromic Properties
作者: Chen, Jing-Zhi
Ko, Wen-Yin
Yen, Yin-Cheng
Chen, Po-Hung
Lin, Kuan-Jiuh
關鍵字: TiO2 nanowire;porous structure;antireflection;transparent device;electrochromism
Project: ACS NANO, Volume 6, Issue 8, page(s) 6633–6639.
Dual functionalities of antireflective and electrochromic properties-based anatase TiO2
nanowire devices with a high-porosity cross-linked geometry directly grown onto transparent
conductive glass was achieved for the first time through a simple one-step hydrothermal
process under mild alkali conditions. Devices fashioned from these TiO2 nanowires were found
to display enhanced optical transparency in the visible range, better color contrast, and faster
color-switching time in comparison to devices made from nanoparticles. These improvements
can be attributed to the low refractive index and high porosity of the TiO2 nanowires and their
larger accessible surface area for Li� intercalation and deintercalation, leading to enhanced
capabilities for transparent electrochromic smart windows.
DOI: 10.1021/nn300787r
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