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標題: Metal-free arylation of benzene and pyridine promoted by amino-linked nitrogen heterocyclic carbenes
作者: Chen, Wen-Ching
Hsu, Yu-Chen
Shih, Wei-Chun
Lee, Ching-Yu
Chuang, Wen-Han
Tsai, Yi-Fang
Chen, Peter Ping-Yu
Ong, Tiow-Gan
Project: Chemical Communications,Volume 48, page(s) 6702–6704.
An amino-linked nitrogen heterocyclic carbene (amino-NHC),
1-tBu, has been shown to mediate carbon–carbon coupling through
the direct C–H functionalization of benzene and pyridine in the
absence of a metal catalyst. Using EPR, the first spectroscopic
evidence corroborating the single electron transfer mechanism for
the metal-free carbon–carbon coupling manifold, as reported by
others, is introduced.
DOI: 10.1039/c2cc32519e
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