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標題: 超臨界流體純化二甲基二丙烯氯化銨之氯化鈉水溶液
Supercritical Fluids Extract Sodium Chloride of Diallyldimethylammonium chloride solution
作者: 廖尤仲
關鍵字: supercritical;超臨界流體;carbon dioxide;nitrous oxide;sodium chloride;Dimethyldiallylammonium chloride;二氧化碳;一氧化二氮;氯化鈉;二甲基二丙烯氯化銨
出版社: 化學工程學系
Dimethyldiallylammonium chloride (DMDAC) aqueous solution contains 65% (w/w) DMDAC, 2.56% (w/w) sodium chloride, and 32.44% (w/w) water. The best commercial synthesis process for the production of DMDAC solution contains only 1.0% sodium chloride. However, the content of sodium chloride directly affects the activity of DMDAC monomers as to synthesize DMDAC derivants. This study investigated reduction the content of sodium chloride in DMDAC aqueous solution by using supercritical fluid extractions. To expect decreases sodium chloride the content in DMDAC solution. The content of sodium chloride in the bottom of extraction vessel, extracted by supercritical nitrous oxide at 30.7MPa and 333K, did decrease to 0.3%. However, the amount of DMDAC also loses 14.05%. The best experiment a result, carbon dioxide extracted 1 mole/ DMDAC molecule to coincide with extracted 4.9 mole/ NaCL molecule. To infer of DMDAC and Na metal ions to take shape metal-chelate complex will form and thus dissolve in the supercritical phase. Our further results demonstrated that supercritical nitrous oxide is able to extract more sodium chloride than supercritical carbon dioxide.

二甲基二丙烯氯化銨水溶液含65%二甲基二丙烯氯化銨單體(Dimethyldiallylammonium chloride,DMDAC)、32.44%水分、及約2.65%氯化鈉和微量的雜質。最佳的商業化反應合成的製程中,氯化鈉可降至1.0%,而氯化鈉的含量會直接影響到二甲基二丙烯氯化銨單體合成衍生物的效能。本研究擬以超臨界流體萃取二甲基二丙烯氯化銨之氯化鈉水溶液,其降低DMDAC水溶液中Nacl含量。在250L超臨界一氧化二氮及30.7 MPa和333 K進行萃取,可使萃取槽底DMDAC水溶液之氯化鈉降至0.3%,但DMDAC亦萃出損失14.05%,由最佳的實驗結果獲得二氧化碳萃取每莫耳DMDAC分子,可同時萃取4.9莫耳的Nacl分子。並推論DMDAC與Na金屬離子可形成螯合化合物,並溶解在超臨界相中。超臨界二氧化碳對氯化鈉的萃取遠低於超臨界一氧化二氮對其之萃取。
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