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標題: 振動對玫瑰花切花品質影響之研究
Study of Effect of Vibration on Quality of Rose
作者: 李仲暐
關鍵字: rose;玫瑰花;vibration;the rate of breathing;ethylene;振動;呼吸率;乙烯
出版社: 農業機械工程學系
本試驗所使用之材料為省產紅色之玫瑰花(Grand Gala)切花。材料在株枝剪下之後,立即插水以防止水分的散失,1.5小時內運送回實驗室內。本研究路面振動的模擬是以振動訊號產生器與振動試驗機配合,以模擬貨車行駛於高速公路時的路面振動。將切花以直立的方式濕藏置於保持於24℃之恆溫環境下的呼吸缸中,將呼吸缸密封後,加以振動2小時及4小時,振動頻率為20Hz,振幅為500μm。
玫瑰花切花的鮮重變化率趨勢線方程式可以利用 來表示,實驗得知振動過後的切花之鮮重下降速率比沒經過振動的對照組還快,在承受到振動逆境時,呼吸率會很明顯的提高。在吸水率方面,試驗過程中,第二天都會有較多的吸水量。運輸時的振動確實會使玫瑰花加速凋謝,縮短瓶插壽命,振動對於切花呼吸作用的影響主要發生在承受逆境的當時,呼吸率會急速上升,振動後乙烯也會先生成,可以證實運輸振動對於玫瑰花切花品質造成影響。

The purpose of this study is to simulate the vibration due to transportation for cut roses and then to discuss the relation between the vibration frequency, time and the effects of the cut flowers' physics and aging. The items of experiments include the weight of flowers, the rate of water absorbing, the breathing rate and the production of ethylene. Hopefully, the effects of vibration on the cut roses can be reduced.
The Grand Gala, which is a kind of local product, was chosen as an experimental material. After cutting, the roses were put into water immediately to avoid losing water. The cut roses had to send to laboratory in one and half hours. In this research, we imitate the vibration of the trucks traveling on the high way by both signal generator and shaker. Kept the cut flowers standing in the breathing cylinders with water and the constant temperature of 24℃. After sealing the cylinders, they were vibrated with the frequency of 20Hz and the amplitude of 500μm.
The weight change of the cut roses could be represented as an equation of . The results showed that the rate of weight losing for the cut flowers with vibration was fast than that without vibration. Under the vibration stress, the rate of breathing increased. It was observed that the rate of water absorbing was higher on the second day. Therefore, it was concluded that the transport-vibration indeed sped up the death of roses and shortened the life of the flowers. The main effects of cut flowers due to vibration happened on that time when the stress came, in the mean time, the rate of breathing rose, the ethylene also produced. It was to conclude that transport-vibration could have the effect on the quality of cut roses.
Key word: rose, vibration, the rate of breathing, ethylene.
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