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標題: 臭氧處理養殖水質之基礎研究
A Fundamental Research of Ozone Treatment on the Aquaculture Water
作者: 戴正光
關鍵字: Ozone;臭氧;Nitrite;Ammonium;Aquaculture;Total number of bacteria;亞硝酸;銨;養殖;總菌落數
出版社: 農業機械工程學系
摘 要
本研究主要係探討臭氧處理對人為調配之不同濃度銨及亞硝酸去除效能,並比較海水與淡水經過臭氧處理後,各項水質因子之差異,水質分析項目包括臭氧殘餘濃度、亞硝酸濃度、銨濃度、溶氧量、溫度、pH值、總溶解固形物、電導度及鹽度等。最後採用國立霧峰農工室內循環水養殖系統,經生物濾床處理過的池水進行實驗,分析臭氧處理前後之水質變化,並量測養殖池水中之總菌落數,以瞭解臭氧對養殖池水之殺菌效果。結果顯示在使用臭氧產生機進行實驗前,應先行熱機三十分鐘,再以1 L/min之氣體流量,將純氧打入臭氧產生機中產製臭氧,藉以得到較精確的實驗數據與效能。

This study deals mainly with removing effects of ozone treatment on different concentration levels of artificial ammonium and nitrite. Differences water parameters between the seawater and the freshwater are also compared as both are processed respectively by ozone treatment. The analysis on water parameters includes the remaining ozone concentration, ammonium, nitrite, dissolved oxygen, temperature, pH, total dissolved solids, conductivity and salinity, etc. Finally, from the indoor recirculating water of the aquaculture system in National Wufeng Senior Vocation School of Agriculture and Industry an experiment on the aquaculture pond water processed by a biofilter is also conducted. In this experiment the changes of water qualities before and after processed by ozone are analyzed, and the total number of bacteria in the aquaculture pond is measured in order to find out the sterilizing effects of ozone on the aquaculture water. The experimental results indicate that the ozone generator should be warmed up 30 minutes before conducting the experiment. Pure oxygen with a flow rate 1 L/min then enters the ozone generator for the more accurate experimental data and better machine performance.
Due to the investigation of the ozone treatment,the effect of the variations of water quality is immaterial . The nitrite in the water body can be removed so as to reduce its concentration. However, the effect on the removal of ammonium is significant with the seawater, while it is ineffective with the pure water. Besides, ozone has a significant effect on sterilizing the total number of bacteria in the actual aquaculture water. The results of this experiment can be provided as references for the aquaculture farmers and the researchers in the related fields.
Key words: Ozone、 Nitrite、Ammonium、 Aquaculture、 Total number of bacteria.
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