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標題: 多重感測系統應用於自動導引車行走控制之研究
Study on Multi-Sensings System on Travell Control for An Autonomous Vehicle
作者: 陳昭亨
Heng, Chen Chao
關鍵字: 8051 Single Chip;8051單晶片;Ultrasonic Sensor;Reed Switch;Autonomous Guidance Vehicle;超音波感測器;磁簧開關;自動導引車
出版社: 農業機械工程學系
The purpose of this study was to develop an autonomous guidance vehicle equipped by self propelling power and automatic guidance system to move steadily along the plant row in the field. The automatic guidance system consists of an 8051 single chip microprocessor, ultrasonic transducers and reed switches. DC motor is employed to drive the vehicle and stepping motor was utilized to steer the steering system.
While the vehicle moves along the path, two ultrasonic transducers sense the location of plants and the system creates the travelling control strategy. While the vehicle turns at the headland, the reed switches arranged in a row are used to sense the magnets buried previously to indicate the turnning motion. Experimental results showed that the autonomous guidance vehicle is capable of moving straight and turning well in the field where the row width was between 300cm to 400cm and plant interval was less than 200cm.

本研究主要目的在於研製一套無需人操作、而能夠穩定行走於作物植行間,進行自動化施藥作業之行走控制系統,本系統以8051單晶片微電腦、超音波感測器、磁簧開關(Reed Switch)感測器組成感測控制系統,以直流馬達驅動車體,以步進馬達及其傳動機構組成轉向系統,電力系統由兩個12V、50AH之蓄電池供應。
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