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標題: 開放型溫室內鼓風式噴霧降溫系統之研究
The Study of Blowing Fog Cooling System in the Open-Type Greenhouse
作者: 邱志強
Chiu, Chih-Chang
關鍵字: Natural Ventilation;自然通風;Open-Type Greenhouse;Evaporative cooling;Blowing Fog;開放型溫室;蒸發冷卻;鼓風噴霧
出版社: 農業機械工程學系
The high temperature of weather in summer usually caused damage to the plants cultivated in the simply structure or the greenhouse. In this study, we take advantage of blowing fog cooling system to cool a natural ventilation open-type greenhouse. We try to realize the cooling efficiency of the blowing fog cooling system by doing some experiment.
At the same time, we make a psychrometric chart named VETH-chart according to the local climate. The VETH-chart can help us to estimate the quantities of nozzle and the quantity of natural vapor in the house.
The experimental result shows that by extending spraying time can get the effects of cooling in the condition of fewer quantities of spraying water in an unit time. Otherwise, by continually spraying water without taking a break ,the temperature in the greenhouse can be lower 1~2℃ than it outside the greenhouse ; the temperature in the greenhouse with spraying water can be lower 3.3℃ than the one without spraying water.
So the effects of cooling is obviously.

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