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標題: 棚架果園自動化施藥機行走控制之研究
The Study on Travel Control of An Automatic Sprayer in A Trellis Fruit Field
作者: 周子豪
關鍵字: Sprayer;施藥機;Nonlinear planning;Ultrasonic sensor;Electronic compass;Reel switch;非線性規劃;超音波感測器;電子羅盤;磁簧開關
出版社: 農業機械工程學系

The objective of this study is to integrate the achievements of past relevant studies to develop a fully automatic sprayer, which can automatically travel and operate in a selected field. A single chip microprocessor 8051 is selected to be the control unit, optical linear position ruler and a hyduaulic system are adopted to control the driving wheel of spraying. The developed travel control mode includes straight movement along plant rows and turning movement to shift plant row. In straight movement, the sprayer uses the nonlinear planning method to establish the delay adjustment pattern for driving wheels. The developed adjustment pattern can improve the travel direction adjustment function by detecting the angle between sprayer body direction and travel direction. The ultrasonic sensors, electronic compass and reflective photoelectric switch are adopted in the sprayer to control its straight movement. A matrix of reel switches and magnetic irons are used to control its turning motion.
The sprayer is fully tested in a designed experimental field, of which width between two plant rows is from 300cm to 350cm, and distance between two plants in a row is from 100cm to 200cm. The length of selected test field is 3300cm. The field test results show the sprayer can travel and spray well with a speed of 2.12km/hr.
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