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標題: Wireless Sensor Network for Livestock Raising Monitoring Applications
作者: 陳正杰
Chen, Cheng-Chieh
關鍵字: FS;田間伺服器;Wireless sensor network;Traceability;Food safety;無線感測器網路;可追溯性;食品安全
出版社: 生物產業機電工程學系所
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A Livestock Field-Server(LFS)was developed in this research, which is a useful tool for remote monitoring and management of livestock production. The functions of the LFS include real-time temperature and relatively humidity measurement, behavior monitoring, and wireless communication which function is able to construct a field wireless sensor network. The field experiment of the research was cooperated with Kai Shing Trading Co., Ltd., who provided a chicken farm to set up a sensor network for long-time monitoring their chicken production and test the developed LFS performance. The sensor data acquisition program was developed to automatic and remote collecting environment data and recording chickens' motion in the henhouses of the farm. According to the collected data, the correlations of chickens' activity corresponding to temperature and relatively humidity changes can be studied, therefore, the proper administration suggestion according to the farm can be given. The real-time and remote management program consistent with database was developed, which provide the growth history of the chickens traceable.

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