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標題: Development of Dcetecting and Imaging System for Packed Rice
作者: 張韶樺
關鍵字: probe resistance;稻穀;image;packed rice;阻力
出版社: 生物產業機電工程學系所
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There are about eight-hundred thousand tons public food are collected and stored a year in Taiwan, and a batch of rice could be keep at most three years. In order to manage the public food warehouses, the administrates of Agriculture and Food Agency(AFA) will do a casual spot check in every barn to see if the public food spoils or is stolen and sold. Because the process of spot check is very time-consuming and sweaty, under the commission of AFA, we develop a device that can detect if any foreign body exists in the barn. In the past, some people used foreign matter, such as rice husk, boards or irons, to be instead of the paddy and cover with sheathings, so most inspectors could not get the inspection result with great precision just by their experiences. They should expend lots of manpower to check all barns. However, some fluke guys miss checking.
This research is to develop the detective and photographic device of packed rice for the government paddy warehouse. The device can estimate if any foreign matter exists by the probe resistance rate of increasing, and takes the image of the foreign matter. This image is just as the direct witness.

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